Visit to the BIRRADAMARE craft brewery Fiumicino Roma

Nunc est bibendum …!
Today I want to share with you a beautiful trip to the heart of the most famous craft brewery in Lazio, which exports in all to Italy and the world its passion for real ARTISAN beer!

Today we met the wonderful team Birradamare Brewery which with its professionalism and youthful audacity has produced and exported in 14 years of activity, a very good beer “made with the heart” as its own label says. From the seeds of barley, to the must, to the hops, the hops, the fermentation, then the bottling up to the labeling, we were able to learn and experience all the phases that make this beer unique and exceptional!

Artisan method WITHOUT pasteurization and WITHOUT as it used to be. Recall that the ancient Romans drank beer and that wine was only a luxury of the rich emperors and tribunes!

After this wonderful experience we have promised to bring, among our customers, all PASSION and DEDICATION of this work advising the right combinations BEER-FLAT

proposing as many as 12 TYPES OF BEER craft Birradamare Brewery

… I also tell you that thanks to the BIRRADAMARE family we are organizing a wonderful surprise for the end of September …

I want to thank all the staff and the owners of the brewery Birradamare Brewery
the marketing manager Dario Punzi
the commercial manager Diego Guerrini
the Brewmaster Ioan Bratuleanu
Accountants Stefano and … I do not remember the lady’s name (:: OPS)
in short, all of them ..

Thank you for true HEART!

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