Eugenium quiz show – spettacolo e divertimento con una vacanza in palio ogni giovedì!

Every Thursday eugenium quiz show live – show and many prizes to be won

At the table with mobile phones to socialize and win a holiday for 4 people for a week in Italy or abroad … choose where!

Quiz games, interactive animation games, physical tests and fun skill games.

is not a simple and boring quiz game but a real immersive and interactive show!

Book now at 3285362878 or visit whatsapp. ask for info on this we will be happy to let you discover this quiz game of which we have the exclusive area! Eugenium quiz show

It also comes to Castellana Grotte (BARI) the innovative entertainment format imento Eugenium Quiz. not a simple quiz game but a unique experience for socializing, having fun, learning and winning. The protagonists are the guests themselves who, from the table, between a pizza and a beer, can answer questions through their smartphones, participate in fun interactive games and accumulate points.

All without downloading either applications or jigs of data connection.

Every Thursday night a week-long holiday stay is being held, in Italy or abroad, for 4 people. Also dinner coupons and many prizes.

Leading the consolidated duo Gio Cavallo and Gigi Palma with their engaging humor. “For the first time will be allowed to use the smartphone at the table, not to become estranged and distracted, but to socialize and interact with other guests in the room.

A healthy competition in the name of culture and leisure! An additional offer offered by my local that does not involve additional costs and gives the opportunity to customers to win rich prizes. All in line with our catering policy that aims to offer a good cuisine married to events and entertainment for a unique and emotional experience.

All that remains is to get smartphones and a great desire to have fun and turn on the light bulb of their “genius”.

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