End of year party in a pizzeria? karaoke – quiz show – happy pizza o baby animazione!

Your year-end party at the Antica Roma pub pizzeria is tailor-made for you!
Complete menu with appetizers, pizzas, drinks and personalized cake from € 9.00.


You can have fun singing Friday
with our Crazy Animation DJs participating in the funniest and funest karaoke there is.


You can challenge all Thursday your teachers and classmates with Eugenium quiz show.
Everyone can participate and interact with their mobile phones with fun quizzes and interactive challenges including physical and singing! Up for grabs a holiday for 4 people for 1 week and many other prizes!


Or a party tailored for the little ones
in afternoon hours: from 17:30 to 20:15 with baby menu and box with collectible and educational games: the super popular “Happy Pizza”. Or a party with the animation of the our Baby Smile with dancing, games and lots of surprises!

Parties for stag parties or bachelorette parties. parties of all kinds and colors

There is always an excuse to celebrate .. and we find the right way to do it!


What are you waiting for? Book your end of year party at the Antica roma pub pizzeria in Castellana Grotte Bari …

finish your school year!

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