2nd Course for baby pizzaioli “Hands in dough” to Castellana Grotte

Also this year at the Oratory of Santa Rosa the course for baby pizza makers “Il mani in pasta” was organized, organized by Galiano Giampiero, owner of the Antica Roma pub pizzeria. </ H3>
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A unique and fun experience, </ strong> which saw the involvement of over 50 children who, with the help of the Santa Rosa Oratory volunteers, were able to learn how to knead, roll and dress more than 100 pizzas. great finale with the tasting of pizzas and large group photos.

In addition, the two most attentive and sympathetic children have won the Pizzaioli for one night “</ strong> with the possibility of spending one evening at the Antica Roma preparing and enjoying pizzas with their family.

Naturally, all paid by the ancient Rome pizzeria.


The goal of the baby course is to bring children closer to the world of cooking </ strong> and household chores as it happened years ago when our grandparents learned to help their parents at home.

Seeing children struggling with the stove brings them closer to dexterity and interaction with their mothers.

And what a good dish if not pizza, the undisputed queen of Italian cuisine and a symbol of fun and goodness for all the children of the world.

Appointment to the next edition that will always be held between March and April to celebrate in a different and nice way the birthday of the Ancient Rome pub, which was formed 15 years ago in March 18, 2004.


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